Snugpak Special Forces Bivvi Bag

The Snugpak Special Forces Bivvi Bag is made in the UK and is a reliable protection against wind, water and heat loss. The Snugpak Bivy Bag Special Forces is not only the ideal protection for hut, trekking or high mountain tours, but also as a summer sleeping bag. The front zipper allows quick entry and exit when every second counts and you need to move fast.

Due to the generous cut (a total length of 87 in, shoulder width 32 in and foot width 20 in), the mummy-shaped bivy provides sufficient freedom of movement and the head is always protected by the hooded cut with drawstring. Who goes on a long tour, will be pleased about the small pack size of 6 x 4 in and the weight of 0,7lb.

Create your own adventure in the middle of nature, with this lightweight and flexible tent alternative, whenever and wherever you want. If you go on a hut tour and you don’t reach your hut on time, you can use the Snugpak Bivy Bag Special Forces to set up an emergency shelter in just a few minutes thanks to its optimal protective effect. The mummy-shaped bivy bag consists entirely of Paratex Dry material with a water column of about 5000 mm. It provides ample protection during sleep and during bad weather, is helpful in accidents or if you get lost, it can be lifesaving. The Special Forces Bivyy Bag not only provides ample protection in adverse weather conditions, but is also breathable. Due to the effective, vapor-permeable Paratex membrane, the amount of condensation is greatly reduced and condensate, which should still occur, is quickly directed to the outside. This innovative technology transports up to 7.5L per square meter out in 24 hours, while being extremely breathable and permeable to oxygen and exhaled carbon dioxide, it reliably repels wind and water. The seams of the Special Forces are completely sealed and welded. This keeps you warm and your sleeping bag dry.

The Bivvy Bag by Snugpak is available in 5 different colors and comes complete with the appropriate bag. In addition, you can find the bivy bag in two sizes – the standard version and the Extra Long variant with a weight of 0,77lb. With the appropriate care of products and impregnation, the water-repellent effect of bivi sack can be extended and maintained.

Whether you want to use the bivvy as an emergency shelter or as a planned sleeping option in combination with a tent or tarp, the Snugpak Special Forces Bivvy Bag is a reliable companion on any high mountain tour, no matter what the season. Whether you use the bivouac in summer or in combination with a sleeping bag in winter, with the rugged bivy bag Special Forces Bivvy Bag you are always flexible, regardless of location and surface.

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Product details

  • Manufacturer: Snugpak
  • Model: Special Forces Bivvi Bag
  • Product Dimensions: 87 x 32 x 20 inches
  • Packed Size: 6 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 0.7 lbs
  • Color: Olive, Black, Desert Tan, Coyote Tan, A-Tacs Camo
  • Material properties: Waterproof, breathable, windproof, lightweight
  • Capacity: 1 Person
  • Application: Trekking, mountaineering, alpine tours
  • Material: 100 % Nylon – Paratex

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